Welcome to the Central Database of Handicaps (CDH), provided for individual golfers and Welsh golf clubs by the GUW.

This site allows you to look up your current handicap, check whether there are any 'away' scores pending processing by your home golf club and look up your full Player Handicap Record.

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For the individual Golfer:
  • Players able to access their Exact and Playing Handicap online (including date of last update and itemising any away scores Nett Differentials pending processing at the Player's home golf club)
  • Using unique identification numbers ensures all player's scores are recorded on their own individual Player Handicap Record, eliminating the possibility of scores being recorded against the wrong name
  • Full annual playing record readily available to all players
  • Assurance that the integrity of the CONGU® Unified Handicapping System is being maintained and the System is being consistently applied throughout Wales creating as level a playing field as possible across all handicap categories
  • Current handicap position available to all players on central server
  • Players can access and print individual updated handicap certificates online (worldwide)using their unique ID number e.g. where required to gain access to play golf courses, holiday golf, late entry into Open competitions etc. (Handicap Certificates will show any pending Nett Differentials awaiting processing at the Player's home golf club)
For the Club Administrators:
  • A standardised system of assured integrity
  • All 'away' scores returned to the 'home' club of players automatically - these will contain correct CSS information along with applicable Stableford / Nett Double Bogey Adjustments
  • No further need for golf clubs hosting competitions to manually return the results back to the 'home' clubs of participating players
  • 'Away' score administration streamlined through batch data processing of all members 'away' scores
  • Significantly reduces the possibility of double entry of 'away' scores
  • Eliminates requirement for clubs to file returns for the annual National Handicap Audit
  • CDH provides a Handicap history / archive, available when player changes club or leaves the game for a period and later, rejoins a golf club
  • Tournament organisers able to authenticate handicaps online for competition entrants in real time
  • If a club loses its handicap data for any reason then they can immediately access the full handicap records of their members and reinstate these to minimise disruption to their operations.
  • Ability to verify members of affiliated golf clubs and hence provide benefits to such members that are not available to other golfers
For the governing bodies:
  • Ability to verify members of affiliated clubs and hence provide benefits to such members that are not available to other golfers
  • Monitor trends in golf club membership
  • Automated information available for annual National Handicap Audit purposes
  • Unions, Associations, Areas and Counties have ability to access up-to-date handicap information for team and coaching squad selection purposes
  • Gives the potential for tournament organisers to access up-to-date information for entry qualification and authenticate handicaps online for competition entrants
  • Provides a wealth of statistical information readily accessible to monitor trends in handicapping, participation within the game and assure a fair and equitable handicapping system for all amateur golfers
  • Greater assurance that the handicapping system is being applied consistently by all clubs and players throughout golf clubs affiliated to the participating Governing Bodies - thereby increasing integrity of the CONGU Unified Handicapping System

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What protection will there be for data held on the central database?

The central database is being hosted, developed and maintained by Golfbox pursuant to a contract with the Golf Union of Wales. This contract imposes detailed data security and data protection compliance obligations which are consistent with the obligations imposed by the Data Protection Act 1998 and guidance from the Information Commissioner.

On a more practical level, the central database is not an open access system. For example, personal information of a member cannot be accessed by another user. User access is restricted by password protection to ensure this is the case.

Furthermore, personal data held on the centralised database will not be provided to any third party commercial organisations.

What other measures have been taken to facilitate compliance with the Data Protection Act?

The important issue for all parties is to ensure that consent has been obtained from all data subjects and that the use of their personal data is consistent with the scope of that consent.

In order for any user to register and access the CDH, they are required to agree to the CDH user terms and conditions. These terms and conditions contain detailed data protection provisions which can summarised as follows:

(i) Any party who uploads personal data onto the CDH confirms it has obtained the necessary express or implied consent from the relevant data subject.

(ii) Personal data may only be used for specifically authorised purposes.

(iii) Each data subject grants their express consent to the use of their personal data for these authorised purposes.

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Will the CDH be sold to any commercial organisations for promotional or marketing activities?

Under no circumstances will any of the information held on the CDH be sold directly to any third party commercial organisation. Players who register to use the CDH are requested to provide an e-mail address in order to service requests for forgotten passwords. In addition, the individual will have the opportunity to receive e-mail or SMS communications from his/her Union/Association. However, under no circumstances will these e-mail addresses of individuals who have opted in in such a way be passed to any third party.

It should be noted that access to the CDH will be provided from within the main websites of the governing bodies, and whilst the CDH and its data will not be sold to third party commercial organisations, this does not preclude advertising being hosted by the governing bodies on their main websites or on member cards if the Unions/Association decide to provide same.

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